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Netherlands Antilles, features and locations

Netherlands Antilles, features and locations

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Netherlands Antilles, features and locations

a spatial dataset containing the locations (lat,long) of various geographical features for Netherlands_Antilles. samples for this dataset are available here, csv json. (hint: right-click 'save link as')

about the data
row count 2
CSV delimiter comma
CSV quoted by double quote
numeric non-values -9999.0
text non-values no-value
example data
name country country code continent latitude longitude
Antilles Netherlands Antilles AN North America 18.73333 -69.15
Netherlands Antilles Netherlands Antilles AN North America 12.11721 -68.91964
included fields
field name data type minimum length maximum length unique value count example values
latitude float 8 8 2 12.11721
longitude float 6 9 2 -69.15
country_code string 2 2 1 AN
timezone string 15 21 2 America/Curacao
featureName string 7 27 2 historical political...
featureDescription string 25 73 2 a former political e...
tracts of land small...
name string 8 20 2 Antilles
Netherlands Antilles
elevation float 3 4 2 1.0
country string 20 20 1 Netherlands Antilles
continent string 13 13 1 North America

All fields have been cleaned, commas and non-ascii characters have been removed. all numeric fields are numbers where a "non-value" numbers have been replaced with -9999.0, text fields without a value have been give the value "no-value". there are non empty values in this dataset

license: Attribution 4.0 International (CC BY 4.0)

Images sourced from Unsplashed

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