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Palestinian Territory, features and locations

Palestinian Territory, features and locations

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Palestinian Territory, features and locations

a spatial dataset containing the locations (lat,long) of various geographical features for Palestinian_Territory. samples for this dataset are available here, csv json. (hint: right-click 'save link as')

about the data
row count 6,143
CSV delimiter comma
CSV quoted by double quote
numeric non-values -9999.0
text non-values no-value
example data
name country country code continent latitude longitude
Al 'Imarah Palestinian Territory PS Asia 31.53515 35.09407
Khirbat ad Dayr Palestinian Territory PS Asia 31.43333 34.98333
Khirbat al Farisiyah Palestinian Territory PS Asia 32.33216 35.15869
Khirbat Rujm ar Rujman Palestinian Territory PS Asia 31.96667 35.16667
Khirbat Umm `Allas Palestinian Territory PS Asia 31.60115 35.01468
Markaz Blaza Mawl lit Tasawwuq Palestinian Territory PS Asia 31.92455 35.21221
Masjid al Birah al Kabir Palestinian Territory PS Asia 31.90404 35.20732
Mughr Qaylah Palestinian Territory PS Asia 31.61067 35.00456
Rijal al Arba`in Palestinian Territory PS Asia 32.19763 35.19604
Shvut Rahel Palestinian Territory PS Asia 32.05472 35.311
Wadi Hujr Palestinian Territory PS Asia 31.70243 35.33109
`Ayn al Jurah Palestinian Territory PS Asia 31.95331 35.22708
included fields
field name data type minimum length maximum length unique value count example values
latitude float 4 8 5143 31.45876
longitude float 4 8 5009 34.44723
country_code string 2 2 1 PS
timezone string 8 14 6 Asia/Amman
featureName string 4 46 127 athletic field
border post
seat of a first-orde...
technical school
featureDescription string 8 231 120 a camp used by refug...
a high conspicuous s...
a structure for inte...
a tract of land used...
the grounds and buil...
name string 3 102 5575 Khirbat ash Shajarah
Madrasat Dhukur Salf...
Maqbarat Ram Allah a...
Umm Zuqah
Wadi an Naqib
elevation float 3 7 1251 -124.0
country string 21 21 1 Palestinian Territor...
continent string 4 4 1 Asia

All fields have been cleaned, commas and non-ascii characters have been removed. all numeric fields are numbers where a "non-value" numbers have been replaced with -9999.0, text fields without a value have been give the value "no-value". there are non empty values in this dataset

license: Attribution 4.0 International (CC BY 4.0)

Images sourced from Unsplashed

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